2024 Chinese TV Series » Under the Skin 2 猎罪图鉴2

Under the Skin 2 (2024)


TV Series

Under the Skin 2 Poster, 猎罪图鉴2 2024 Chinese TV drama series
Under the Skin 2 Poster

Name Under the Skin 2
Chinese Name 猎罪图鉴2
Pinyin Liè Zuì Tú Jiàn 2
Type TV Series
Subtype Chinese Drama, Web Series


Also Known As:
Lie Zui Tu Jian 2

Country: China
Filming Location: China
Film Setting: China
Language: Mandarin
Release Date:
Filming Date: 2023
Runtime: 45 minutes per episode
Drama, Mystery
Sub-genre: Police, Detective

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