2023 Chinese TV Series » Mayor, Please Test the Poison 城主大人请试毒

Mayor, Please Test the Poison (2023)


TV Series

Mayor, Please Test the Poison Poster, 城主大人请试毒 2023 Chinese TV drama series
Mayor, Please Test the Poison Poster

Name Mayor, Please Test the Poison
Chinese Name 城主大人请试毒
Pinyin Chéng Zhǔ Dà Rén Qǐng Shì Dú
Type TV Series
Subtype Chinese Drama, Web Series

Director: Tony Tang


Also Known As:
Cheng Zhu Da Ren Qing Shi Du

Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Release Date: 23 April 2023
Filming Date: 2023
Runtime: 5 minutes per episode
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Short
Sub-genre: Costume Drama, Alternate Reality, Game

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